Where’s your decadence?

Stop reading life-changing advice and start writing about real life

Photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash

It’s beginning to look a lot like Venice.

Fascinating treasures are hiding underneath the crowds that move from San Marco to Rialto.

Tourists are everywhere.

Right now, whenever I open Medium, I’m doing my best to search for valuable contents. As a newbie, I’m looking for stories that either widen my knowledge or my writing skills. But I keep stumbling against the tourists, who are following the signs that somebody else put in there.

Guys, how many of you are actually reading life-changing tips? How many do not know that you can take a boat to the Giudecca and find wildness in the heart of Venice, while still admiring its most famous monuments?

Let me break it to you: nobody can change your life but you.

I cannot give you the 5 things that will make your day better, let alone your existence. I mean, I am sometimes unable to open my own coffee machine. And I live alone, so I definitely was the one who closed it the day before.

Successful bloggers cannot change your life.

The only thing that anybody who is successful in life can do for you is to remind you that you CAN achieve a lot of things that you don’t have yet. Not necessarily better stuff, just different stuff.

Successful people built their role out of dedication.

Hard work.

Some of them had luck somewhere in the path and the capability to exploit it.

So worship them if you need to, but please just stop reading heartless and obvious tricks to get to a happy and successful life. As long as you all read that, I will get that on my home. And people who are talented enough to bring us all to infinite worlds will end up writing that kind of content. Or worse, they’ll be invisible, hidden under a pile of things that you could have discovered on your own by taking a long shower.

I’m trying to be selfish in a good way here.

Anytime you give a view to a life-changing FOR REAL tip, you’re changing other people’s experience on the platform for the worst.

So, stop looking for the given road to San Marco.

Pay the 7$ ticket for the boat that will get you on the other side of Venice.

20 bucks for a coffee and a croissant

In Venice, 99% of restaurants will pretend you open a loan to “rent” the coffee that you still won’t be able to spit in return.

I’m probably part of a 0,3% of Medium subscribers who do not give a f**k about making money. I’m not being dishonest. I’m not blaming anyone who does. I’m not playing the hipster. I just supply my material needs elsewhere and I get to Medium for two simple reasons: writing when I feel like writing, reading when I feel like reading.

And I’m seriously astonished at the number of pieces about how to make money and views. Even if you’re in here for the money, can you just stop talking about how much money you make and how to earn it?
Because, right now, we’re mirroring a society where consuming is more valuable than enjoying.

I’m serious, why write about appearance in a time where real life is on hold? In a world where we cannot hug people, why are we giving each other loads of arid counts of followers and earnings?

They’re feeding you a croissant that suc*s, and you shouldn’t spend 20 bucks on it.


As you may have imagined by now, I live near Venice and I came to hate the city for most of my existence. I’m sorry, Venice smells like fish. Especially during the summer.

I clearly remember the day I decided Venice could be a stunner. It was 10 pm, October 2016. A friend called me. He said he had to do the stupidest thing ever. And there you get 4 people driving to the last boat to Venice, just to walk to a restaurant and send the GPS position to an American friend that was proposing to his girlfriend the following week. We then stopped by a creek near the Casino. We just stood in there for a couple of hours, drinking cheap beers and looking at the reflections on the water.

You’ve probably heard that Venice’s beauty is its decadence. The excessive disposal of imperfections. In the mould that’s eating the bricks lies the city’s relentless naked soul.

Please, let me see more of it.

Please read about that time Tim went to his grandma and found the pics of his grandpa going to War. Read about how Clara used cream instead of the cheese in a Carbonara and got dumped. How Zadie believes a videogame on robots becoming human is the best thing she experienced in the past year.

Please write about who you are and what’s on your mind whenever something gets in your way. Write about your failures and mistakes.

And read about that.

Right now Medium is the only place where people coming from diverse backgrounds can travel and meet safely.

So, please, please, please (let me, let me, let me), let me get what I want this time.

A being. Trying to get somewhere. Probably, Mars.

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